波胆网站 are a core component of the student experience at Norfolk Collegiate, and many of our students are multi-sport athletes. Whether your child is looking to play a new sport or compete at regional and state levels, we offer the opportunity for a great education and an even better experience.

A well-rounded school experience includes a healthy emphasis on team sports and fitness. Our athletic program offers more than 50 teams in nearly 20 sports, providing our student-athletes opportunities to round out their educational experience with teamwork and competition at the regional level through the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools and the state level through Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association.


  • 健康 & 健身

    We understand the importance of healthy living and with the help of our strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers, Norfolk Collegiate is committed to providing students with a foundation for building a healthy lifestyle.

    Our program is integrated into all sports and ensures our student-athletes remain fit, healthy and able to strive for their personal bests.

    We have partnered with Sentara 健康 to offer our students the best strength and conditioning program and athletic trainers. Our partnership also offers resources that extend to our Collegiate community including injury clinics. 这个免费的, weekly clinic is an opportunity for student-athletes to receive a free injury screening from a board-certified sports medicine specialist. These resources expand beyond the varsity athletes and team sports and are available to all Norfolk Collegiate students.

    The goal of these programs is to teach students healthy lessons and habits now by showing them how to utilize fitness equipment and recognize when their bodies may need a rest or medical attention.
  • 参与 & 波胆平台

    Our younger students (pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5) participate in physical education and intramurals with a focus on fitness and nutrition. 全年, they are offered the opportunity to participate in sport-specific clinics led by our varsity coaches and students-athletes. The clinics encourage younger students to explore multiple sports while also working on the fundamental skills of that sport. Afternoon enrichment programs also offer athletic opportunities ranging from soccer and karate to yoga and dance.

    For our older students (Grades 6 through 12), athletics are a core component of the Collegiate experience. Student-athletes compete in fall, winter and spring seasons with opportunities to participate in middle school, junior varsity and varsity teams. Sports focus on healthy competition while also developing life skills like teamwork, 问责制, goal setting and effective communication–skills that translate to the classroom, in their social environment and in the workplace. Our program also emphasizes participation. Whether for athletes aspiring to play at the collegiate level or for those who simply enjoy competition and camaraderie.
  • 我们的设施

    我们有三个健身房, 两个运动场, 健身房, a fitness room and a training room for our student-athletes to utilize through our strength and conditioning program.
    • Students train and workout in 健身房 outfitted with strength and conditioning machines, industry-leading weight training systems and state-of-the-art flooring.
    • Student-athletes compete on two, pre-lined turf fields equipped with lights, 棒球笼, seating and high-visibility scoreboards.
    • Our on-site athletic trainer utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to help diagnose and treat common sports injuries.


  • 乔恩·霍尔摄

    乔恩 大厅 

    Physical Education Chair: Director of 波胆网站
  • Photo of 希瑟 霍尔特

    夫人. 希瑟 霍尔特 

    Assistant Director of 波胆网站, MS 健康 and PE Teacher
  • 安妮特 万利 

    Assistant Director of 波胆网站, Operations